FoxFarm Big & Chunky Perlite 4 cf



Use Big & Chunky® Perlite in containers with our Ocean Forest® or Happy Frog® Potting Soil to help improve drainage and keep roots oxygenated. Use it as a stand-alone hydroponic grow medium, or combine it with our Light Warrior® Seed Starter for your cuttings and seedlings.

Garden Tip: In containers, spread Big & Chunky® Perlite in a one-inch layer along the bottom of the pot, then mix one part Big & Chunky® with four parts potting soil. Water thoroughly and allow soil mixture to settle before planting. In hydroponic systems, fill pot with Big & Chunky® and position plant properly so its root system is supported in the medium. For seed starting and propagation, mix one part Big & Chunky® with three parts Light Warrior®.

Not available in: SD