Green Planet Rezin 208 lt


Sku: GPR208

Rezin is our aroma and flavor enhancer that was developed to greatly increase the essential oil and resin production of flowering plants. It provides a readily available source of molybdenum (Mo) and vitamin B1 to aid with plant growth. Molybdenum is a crucial micronutrient for converting nitrates into valuable forms of nitrogen and amino acids. It also helps turn inorganic phosphorus into forms the plant can easily uptake. Vitamin B1 is significant for healthy root development and may reduce plant stress while supporting essential functions. These benefits may increase the essential oil and resin content to boost the effectiveness of the plant's terpene profile, which is responsible for enhancing those desired aromas and flavors. An improved terpenoid profile will produce sticky, resinous, trichome covered flowers that are a sign of a high-quality crop. This means you will see a visual improvement on your flowers, better results when extracting and enjoy a more complete aromatic and flavor profile. Our formula does not contain any plant growth regulators or artificial coloring and dyes to ensure a clean formula. It will also not impact the PPM/EC of your nutrient solution so you can continue to run your base nutrients at full strength. Rezin will push size, aromas and flavors, to bring out the best qualities of your flowering plants.
Apply 2 ml/L (8 ml/Gal) during the last two weeks of the vegetative cycle to prime the plant for bloom. Continue to apply at 2 ml/L (8 ml/Gal) through bloom until harvest.


Available in: AZ, CA, CO, IL, LA, MA, MI, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, RI, TX, WA