Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes Tray 50 cube


Sku: RRT50

These grow plugs are ideal for rooting plant cuttings and starting seeds. Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes provide the perfect environment for root initiation and development. Made from composted natural materials, these plant starter plugs have a great spongy texture which retains the perfect air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth.

Suitable for both propagating cuttings and starting seeds, Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes have been shown to consistently outperform alternative media. These plant starter plugs are specially inoculated with micro nutrients and biologically active ingredients to nourish young plants and aid in root development.

In short, you can't go wrong by starting your seeds or sticking your cuttings in Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes!

Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes are consumer friendly and come packaged ready-to-use! The total kit includes a black plastic propagation tray without holes, a 50 cube plastic insert and 50 ready-to-plant Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes.

Each tray comes with complete instructions.

Not available in: AR, HI, LA, MS, NC, ND, SD, WV, WY